Field Seeds

Top-Notch Field Seeds for Farmers

Camp Point Seed Co. is owned and operated by Kent and Julie Flesner, who focus primarily on providing excellent services and helping both farmers and gardeners with seed issues.

Whether you're looking for the best grass seed for your pasture or you simply want to find quality seeds to fill a bare spot on your lawn, we can make sure you get the best seed mixture for your needs.

Environmentally Friendly Seed Supplies

  • Non-GMO corn beans
  • Corn hybrid forages
  • Grass and pasture seeds

Give Your Grass the Care It Needs to Grow Thick and Green

Help out the economy by purchasing environmentally friendly seed supplies from the family-owned and operated Camp Point Seed Co. Enjoy thick and green pasture with high-quality products sold only at Camp Point Seed Co.
Growth Seeds

Dealer of Certified Public Seeds

  • Certified seed use will result in a cleaner crop - that is, more confidence at planting and less dockage at delivery
  • Certified seed gives you peace of mind that your seed is of the highest purity - helping you access markets and tap the best traits coming out of breeding programs
  • Certified seed has no intellectual property rights. When you purchase certified seed, you own the rights to the seed

Certified Seed Ensures Top Quality

You can be certain about the quality of certified seed in terms of purity and pedigree, because it's produced under stringent conditions.
  • Rotation and isolation protocols are set up to make the seed as pure as possible
  • Seed fields are carefully surveyed and weeds or off-types are removed, and the crop is segregated during harvest and handling to maintain purity
  • Certified seed is tested and graded by accredited experts
Non-GMO Alfalfa Seed Various Types of Clovers Hay and Pasture Seeds
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