Processes and Sells Non-GMO Seed

No-GMO Seed Cleaned Here!

Receive Assistance With All Your Seed Problems

Camp Point Seed Co. is owned and operated by Kent and Julie Flesner, who focus primarily on providing excellent services and helping both farmers and gardeners with seed issues.

Whether you're looking for the best grass seed for your pasture or you simply want to find quality seeds to fill a bare spot on your lawn, Camp Point Seed Co. can make sure you get the best seed mixture for your needs.

Give Your Grass the Care It Needs to Grow Thick and Green

Help out the economy by purchasing the environmentally friendly seed supplies from family-owned and operated Camp Point Seed Co. Enjoy thick and green pasture with high-quality products sold only at Camp Point Seed Co.

Environmentally Friendly Seed Supplies

  • Non-GMO corn beans, soybeans, seeds
  • Various clover and Non-GMO alfalfa seed
  • Field grass seed, hay and pasture seed
  • Winter wheat and other seed

Sustainable Seed Movement

Camp Point Seed Co. is dedicated to strengthen the seeds you can use for yourself. We sell Non-GMO seeds to farmers and gardeners. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms, which are created in a laboratory using modification and engineering techniques.

Don't harm your health or the environment with GMO food and products. Choose to join the sustainable seed movement with Camp Point Seed Co today. 

Camp Point Seed Co. processes "legal" non-GMO seeds. Some Non-GMO seeds can't be cleaned as they carry an Intellectual Property Right patent. Please check the seed tags of the purchased seed to see if that seed carries that patent. We sell public seeds that you can use for yourself.

Selling Non-GMO Seeds to Farmers and Gardeners

  • Hybrid corn
  • Soybeans
  • Wheat
  • Oats
  • Alfalfa
  • Grasses
  • Seed mixes
  • Ryegrain
  • Clover
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At family-owned Camp Point Seed Co., we actively sell Non-GMO seeds to farmers and gardeners.
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