What to Do This Month

October 2017 : Garden and Farm Guide for Illinois Zone 5B



  • spread finished compost on next spring's early peas and onion beds
  • check houseplants for insects, spray the plant with insecticide and keep checking the plants
  • protecting corns for insects or disease, dust with an insecticide-fungicide mixture labeled for the specific plant
  • Dahlia and Begonia tubers should be stored in a box of slightly moist peat moss
  • plant carrot seeds in small pots, and place in the sunshine
  • be sure to treat the outside of your doors and windows with various insecticides to stop the bugs from entering
  • watch for pantry pests like Indian meal moths in the warm environment of your home
  • plant spinach and garlic
  • plant garlic and shallots for spring harvest
  • place mouse controls near stored fruits and vegetables
  • locate and spray herbicides on, or remove perennial weeds
  • apply fertilizer to needled evergreens (pines, spruces, and hemlocks) with poor growth between mid-October and mid-March
  • if fertilizing hemlock, avoid using nitrogen in the mix where hemlock woody adelgids are a problem
  • always lift the plant by the root ball or container-not the trunk
  • tree may be fertilized now
  • Moles are the meat eaters (insect eaters), where voles are the vegetarians (plant root eaters)
  • treating for grubs now will eliminate future root destruction by the voles
  • now is a good time to apply line if soil test indicates the need
  • broadleaf herbicides can be applied to control cool season weeds such as chickweed, dandelion, white clover, and ground ivy
  • seeding of lawns should be finished by October 15
  • turf grown on acid soil has been found to be more susceptible to winter kill
  • to prevent this type of damage, apply lime to the lawn if soil test indicates the need

Farm Planting

  • Alfalfa needs to be planted with a winter grain to survive early frosts
  • Clover can still be seeded for the rest of this month
  • As winter cover oat planting is still possible this month
  • Good winter pasture can be done with seeding Austrian Winter Peas
  • Rape seed make great winter grazing, especially after a frost, makes the plants sweeter
  • Still have time to plant fall pasture mixes, use cool season grasses
  • Forage radishes still have time to make good pasture and can help control erosion, and work the soil
  • Turnips still have time to make good tops yet for animal foraging
  • Wheat can be planted now for either grain production, animal grazing, or erosion control

Moon Signs for October

Date               Time               Phase                              
5th                  1:40 pm         3rd quarter
12th                7:25am          4th quarter
19th                2:12pm          1st quarter
27th                5:22pm          2nd quarter          


Last updated: 10/06/2017

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